Gallwn ddrafftio Tenantiaeth Busnes Fferm a thenantiaethau olyniaeth o dan y Ddeddf Daliadau Amaethyddol yn unol â’ch cyfarwyddiadau a gofynion unigol y partïon dan sylw.

Rydym yn cynnig gwasanaeth sydd wedi ei deilwra yn arbennig ar gyfer y fferm, y tir a’r bobl berthnasol.
Rydym hefyd yn cynghori tenantiaid neu landlordiaid sydd wedi cael cytundeb i’w gymeradwyo, ac yn codi pwyntiau y mae angen eu hystyried ymhellach.

Exposure Actions
When a tenancy ends early by agreement before the final date it is important to summarize that settlement in agreement and surrender.

These documents will include details of any agreement made including the date on which vacant possession is given, any compensation payable, and any possible transfer of the Basic Payment Scheme entitlements, as well as securities and indemnities involved with cross compliance conditions

We can draft an agreement and a surrender procedure that reflects your settlement correctly, and we can highlight any additional issues that you may need to consider.

Isotted Licenses

Even when a tenancy has been created it will, from time to time, control issues that need attention.

It is advisable to deal with such matters in writing, and in fact, a landlord's consent for amendments must be written under the Agricultural Tenancy Act 1995, in order to be able to enforce it for compensation at the end of the tenancy.

We can provide the legal service that you need over the tenancy period, and we will highlight the management issues that must be dealt with as they arise, on behalf of the tenant or landlord.

Claiming Compensation

Tenants of Farming Business Tenancy have the right to compensation for their investment in the business when the tenancy ends, subject to their written consent for any improvements at the time they are held.

We represent tenants to make such claims against the landlord, and if an agreement can not be reached, we deal with any consequent arbitration.

Grazing Licenses

Most grazing and hay cutting licenses, profits and profits from prendre, were agreed by a hand shake in the past.

In today's world, unfortunately, this can mean that the landowner or licensee is exposed to several risks, as subsidy payments are subject to cross compliance rules and rules that prevent different persons from claiming different payments for the same piece of land.

It is essential that there is a clear and open dialogue between the landowner and licensee, and there is no misunderstanding in the legal position of every person involved in the land. We therefore advise that everyone who provides or agrees to a short-term license to use land should ensure that the agreement is in writing. A short and simple written document can sometimes prevent a long and costly dispute.



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