Eiddo Amaethyddol

Mae gan ein Tîm Practis Gwledig pwrpasol gyfoeth o brofiad mewn ymdrin ag eiddo amaethyddol ar gyfer busnesau ffermio a’r rhai sydd â thir neu fuddiannau gwledig eraill.

O brynu a gwerthu ystadau mawr a ffermydd teuluol, i ymdrin â chofrestru tir yn wirfoddol am y tro cyntaf, mae gan ein tîm arbenigol y profiad sydd ei angen arnoch.

Selling and Acquisition of Land And Farms

Our experience of representing people who sell and buy agricultural land means that we can predict potential problems before they arise, and enable the transaction to be as smooth as possible.

There is a significant difference between buying land and buying a semi-detached house, and our Rural Practice Team can guide you through the process step by step.

Selling and Purchasing Large Estates

We recognize that large estates conveyancing can be a complex transaction involving many people and interests.

The JCP Rural Practice is familiar with the issues faced, as we have represented several large estates for many years.

Voluntary Land Registration

Historically, landowners have proven their legal ownership of land by showing their title deeds. These actions effectively show the legal history of the property, and sometimes go back centuries. Any rights that affect the property or it benefits are also recorded in these documents.

The biggest problem with this way of testing a title is that actions are not inevitably kept carefully and damaged, destroyed or lost. This means that the title of the property, as far as possible, must be reconstructed from the memories of the landowner and his solicitor. This can be costly and could take a long time. Land registration gives you better protection from losing the ground to squatters, you will be indemnified against any losses, and makes the conveyancing process safer and simpler, accelerating future land transactions. It also means that it is easy to market large holdings of land and portfolio portfolios. Most of the rights that the land benefits from, or affecting it, also provide security.

The Land Registration Act 1925 was passed to introduce the first step towards mandatory registration and to overcome or destroy the problem of deed of deeds. The Act has been amended over the years, noting some 'threshold' events that make registration compulsory, as around 40% of land in England and Wales remains unregistered. The ultimate aim of the legislation is that all land ownership will be registered on a central register in HM Land Registry providing a paperless system of land ownership in England and Wales.

Cytundebau A106

Mae Adran 106 (A106) o Ddeddf Cynllunio Gwlad a Thref 1990 yn caniatáu i awdurdod cynllunio lleol ddod i gytundeb sy’n rhwymo mewn cyfraith, neu rwymedigaeth gynllunio gyda thirfeddiannwr yn gysylltiedig â chaniatáu hawl cynllunio, a adnabyddir fel Cytundebau Adran 106.

Maent yn darparu amodau perthnasol ar gyfer y datblygiad a ganiateir ac maent yn aml yn ofynnol yn rhan o unrhyw ganiatâd cynllunio i godi tai mewn ardaloedd gwledig. Gallwn gynghori ar eich sefyllfa gyfreithiol parthed y cytundeb sy’n ofynnol gan yr awdurdod cynllunio lleol, a negodi ei gynnwys.

Option Agreements

Our Rural Practice Team specializes in option agreements, especially those relating to wind farms.

We can draft option agreements, or advise the landowner that permits the option agreement on the rights associated with the agreement and its legal position before signing.   

The Basic Payment Scheme

As well as advising on the Basic Payment Scheme and other schemes that are available to farmers, we also assist in any transfer required by those agreements.

We have routinely dealt with the transfer of Foundation Payment Scheme claims that can take place at any time of the year, but must be completed before the beginning of April during any year of the plan if they are to take effect. that year due to the 6 week notice required by the Rural Payments Agency. 

Transfer of other scheme agreements can be more complicated, and specific advice should be obtained in each individual circumstance.

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